Your Home of Comprehensive Training

Your Home of Comprehensive Training

Lab Services

The African Milling School Analytics Laboratory Offers analytical services and consulting for characterization of grains and finished products. The methods are based on well established standard procedures implemented by different associations and renowned research institutes.

Part of our service includes also doing reference samples for comparison with your laboratory. Ensuring always the most consistent calibrations of your existent laboratory equipment.


The African Milling School shall not disclose any analysis results to third parties and shall subject its employees to the same secrecy obligation.


Services are listed below and for further information including the introductory rates please contact us. Results will then be shared in a written analytical report. Part of our services includes the calibration of your existing lab equipment (only for selected equipment available).

A. Analysis on raw products

A1. Preparing of samples 1 (grinding of samples for different analysis) – 1,000 g

A2. Hectolitre weight – 1,000 g

A3. Moisture ¹ (drying oven) – 100 g

A4. Moisture content ¹ (to determine ash content) – 100 g

A5. NIR Moisture / Ash content / Protein – 200 g

A6. Ash content ¹ 900°C – 100 g

A7. (Protein content ¹ according to Kjeldahl) Available August 2020 – 100 g

A8. Falling number ¹ – 500 g

A9. 1000 – Kernel – Weight – 200 g

10. Wet gluten content ¹ – 50 g

A11. Dry gluten content (additionally to the wet gluten determination) – 50 g

A12. Dockage/impurities according to ICC – 50 g

A13. Milling test MLU – 202 (without analysis) – 1,000 g

B. Analysis on finished products

B1. Moisture (drying oven) – 50 g

B2. NIR moisture / Ash content / Protein – 100 g

B3. Moisture content (to determine the ash content) – 50 g

B4. Ash content 900°C – 50 g

B5. Ash content 600°C – 50 g

B6. Falling number – 50 g

B7. Wet gluten content – 50 g

B8. Dry gluten content(additionally to the wet gluten determination) – 50 g

B9. Gluten Index – 50 g

B10. Colour acc. Minolta – 100 g

B11. Starch damage (SDmatic) – 50 g

B12. Granulation (standard granulation of flour – break stocks – semolina) – 300 g

B13. Amylogram – 100 g

B14. Farinogram – 1,300 g

B15. Extensogram – 1,300 g

B16. Glutopeak – 300 g

B17. Baking Test – 2,000 g