Head Miller Course

African Milling School (AMS) for Head Millers.

The advanced level for Head Millers is a combination of lectures and hands-on training in a professional manner. The state 
of the art school mill allows practical training on wheat and maize milling. There is a fully equipped laboratory that will allow the participants to learn all about quality control from grain to flour.

For higher education degree in milling, please refer to international milling schools such as the Swiss School of Milling (SMS) in St. Gallen, Switzerland.



Head Miller Program

The  advanced  level  for  Head  Millers  is  a  combination  of lectures  and  hands-on  training  in  a  professional  manner. The state of the art school mill allows practical training on wheat  and  maize  milling.  There  is  a  fully  equipped laboratory that will allow the participants to learn all about quality control from grain to flour. Investments into your employees bear the highest return!



Who can join Advanced Level training program for Head Millers;

  • Experienced  millers
  • Shift  millers  assigned  a Supervisor/Head Miller position.
  • Promoted junior Head Millers
  • Graduate Millers AMS after at least one year work experience

The  training  module  comprises  2  modules  of schooling  at  the  AMS,  each  3  weeks  within  one year.



Grain Science 

-  Grain morphology 
-  Essentials in Bio-chemistry 

Grain processing technology 
-  Optimum cleaning and conditioning of grain 
-  Milling technology for high flour yield and quality 
-  Flowsheet concepts 
Machine design and functionality 
-  Cleaning machines                               
-  Milling machines 
Finished product              
-  Value adding processes 
-  Storage and handling 
Plant operation               
-  Key parameters for ultimate performance 
Maintenance and engineering 
-  Preventive maintenance 
-  Care and sanitation for equipment and plant installation 
-  Plant automation and control system



Regular exams will take place for each topic and module. A ranking system of 0 to 100 points will be applied. After the first module an average of 60 points (no topic below 50 points) must be achieved to allow for the second module. The successful trainee will be graduated to Head Miller.



The employer (milling company) or trainee will bear the costs for the schooling at the AMS comprising travel expense, board and lodging. The AMS will recommend accommodation on demand. The school fees of the AMS are as follows:

  • Two  modules of 3 weeks each, comprising training at the AMS, use of the school mill, syllabus as well as free lunch, tea and coffee during tea break

Costs excl. VAT are amounting to USD. 4,400 + USD. 400 registeration fee per person.

  • School fees to be paid 3 months prior to the start of the first module at the AMS


Application for Head Miller Course

To apply, please download the Head Miller Application Form from the Downloads Section, and send the completed form to carolyne.kyalo@buhlergroup.com or apply online below: