Apprenticeship Program

The African Milling School offers an apprenticeship program for the next generation of millers. It is built up on a two years dual milling credential program with practical work in a flour mill and theoretical schooling at the AMS. The educational program in the AMS is built upon 3 modules per anum. Each module consists of 4 weeks which the student needs to attend at the school.

Every year, the educational program of the African Milling School is built upon 3 modules. Each module consists of 4 weeks which the student needs to attend at the school.Regular exams will take place and the successful trainee will pass to the second year of apprenticeship. After the second year of apprenticeship, the successful candidate will be a miller graduate. The AMS apprenticeship is a recognized professional development that will enhance a miller’s skills and status in a challenging and highly developed industry. Skills and know-how are the base for profitability and sustainability.

Investments into your employees bear the highest return!


For the enrollment the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • The apprentices must be an employee of a flour milling company
  • Minimum age of 20 years
  • Good knowledge in English
  • Basic education primary/secondary school, Grade C
  • They must work in the plant and must gain work experience in all plant sections such as: intake and storage, cleaning, milling, finished product section, packing and quality control

Furthermore, the apprentices must have at least one year of milling experience prior to the attendance of the AMS. The employer handles the enrollment of the trainee at the AMS and will take care of the expense during the courses at the AMS. For each apprentice enrolling for the AMS the mill appoints a suitable person who takes the role as a mentor during the apprenticeship.


Regular exams will take place for each topic and module. A ranking system of 0 to 100 points will be applied. After the first year an average of 60 points (no topic below 50 points) must be achieved to allow for the second year. The successful trainee will be graduated to Miller.


The employer (milling company) will bear the costs for the trainee during the schooling at the AMS comprising salary, travel expense, board and lodging. The AMS will recommend accommodation on demand. The school fees of the AMS are as follows:

  • Three modules of 4 weeks each, comprising training at the AMS, use of the school mill, syllabus as well as free lunch, tea and coffee during tea break.
  • Costs excl. VAT are amounting to US$ 4’800.— USD 400.- registration fee per person
  • School fees to be paid 3 months prior to the start of the first module p.a. at the AMS

Application for Apprenticeship Program

To apply, please download the Apprenticeship Program Application Form from the Downloads Section, and send the completed form to or apply online below: